Derick Watts & the Sunday Blues – Why Men Hate Shopping

Director of Photography & Producer

Tech Specs: Canon 5D Mark iii with Canon 16mm to 35mm and Canon 8mm to 15mm

Producers – Nicholas Smal & Darren Wertheim
Director – Nicholas Smal
Cinematographer – Darren Wertheim
Production Designer & Stylist – Kaley Elizabeth Claire
Editor – Nicholas Smal
Colorists – Joshua Borril & Darren Wertheim
Assistant – Paul Gardyne
Making Of – Mark Chittenden

Nicholas Smal
Gareth Allison
Girlfriend – Mellissa Haiden
Creepy Santa – Ciaran Coetzee
Creepy Elf – Gareth Woods
Human Mannequin – Nicolas Ariel Rasenti

Performers – Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues
Writers – Nicholas Smal & Gareth Allison
Producers – Nicholas Smal, Gareth Allison & David Scott

Special Thanks: Spree, Big Blue, Kaley Elizabeth Claire, Flashphoto Hire